Bio Clean

No one wants to have dirty, gross, smelly drains—ever! Make sure you get them all cleaned up and sparking new with Bio Clean, the most environment friendly cleaning solution for your drain. Can it harm me? Definitely not! It’s perfectly safe for your overall health and well-being, even that of your children. It is made [...]

Anode Replacement

Most hot water tanks these days are good for about a decade. That’s not bad at all. But there’s the thing: you can actually MAKE IT LAST LONGER. The solution is extremely simple: change the anode. What is an anode? An anode is something that you couldn’t see immediately, as it’s not found on the [...]

How to Unblock a Toilet

We’ve faced this problem before: we wake up one morning to realize that our toilet isn’t working as it’s supposed to be—that all our dirt just stays there, slowly humiliating us for not being able to flush it down the drain. No one seriously wants to deal with toilet unblocking, but then we’d prefer to [...]

Tankless Electric Hot Water Heater

While almost every house product has greatly improved over the years, much is still expected with regard to our water heaters. There are still times when we run out of hot water—in the dead of winter, no less—and we have to sustain ourselves through most part of the day, almost chilling to death. Yes, they [...]

Instant Gas Hot Water

There will surely come a time when the heater that you’ve been using for so many years will become outdated, and you need to find something new. You don’t have to worry, though, as options are pouring in. They’re not only technologically well designed and efficient, but they’re also environment friendly. Tankless gas hot water [...]

Tankless Gas Hot Water Heaters

At some point you’re going to need to replace or upgrade your hot water heater. By that time, you will already be happy of the myriad of choices that are waiting. One of these is the tankless gas hot water heater, which actually took a long time to get into the market. In fact, we [...]

Blocked Pipes

Pipes are passageways for water from the source to different sections of your house, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Like any other path, they should be free from any material that may cause them to narrow and prevent water from reaching your home. In reality, however, a lot of things can pile up inside, [...]

Hot Water Heaters

 What’s the hot water for? It’s actually used for many things, including cooking, washing laundry, and bathing (it’s one of the best ways to beat a very chilly climate). These days, however, you don’t need to manually heat water. You already have technologies such as heater systems available. These tools can produce heat through a [...]

Gas Hot Water Tanks

Almost all homes use some type of hot water equipment, and one of the most popular is the gas hot water tank. A lot prefer it over the electric-powered tanks since they can deliver hot water at any time across different water networks in the home. Speaking of efficiency, gas hot water systems are more [...]

Gas Hot Water Systems

There are two ways on how to generate hot water: it can be created and stored for a while or the heated water is produced on demand. The Benefits of Modern-day Water Heaters Water heaters these days are produced through gas. People may think they’re dangerous, but they’re not. In fact, they are loaded with [...]

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