No one wants to have dirty, gross, smelly drains—ever! Make sure you get them all cleaned up and sparking new with Bio Clean, the most environment friendly cleaning solution for your drain.

Can it harm me?

Definitely not! It’s perfectly safe for your overall health and well-being, even that of your children. It is made of both enzymes and bacteria, which is naturally occurring. Simply put, it’s a by-product of organic chemical processes that happen when the wastes in your drain and the enzymes combine. Bio Clean doesn’t emit fumes and thus doesn’t smell. It doesn’t have any properties that may cause premature corrosion on your sinks, pipes, and other plumbing fittings.

When the natural components of Bio Clean get into contact with the wastes, the enzymes and bacteria then eat up the organic matter, transforming them into mineral ash, carbon dioxide, or water.

How fast is it?

It only takes about an hour before the Bio Clean gets into real action.

Where can I possibly use it?

You can use Bio Clean in toilets, shower drains, kitchen sinks, even in sewer pipes or septic tanks. The Bio Clean may also be used to remove grease and its smell and clean floor drains and laundry tubs. As to how much of the Bio Clean you need depends on the area to be covered and the severity of the problem.

How do I use it?

To give you a better idea on how it works, picture a heap of compost. Aside from the natural waste and the minerals found in there, it also includes some bacteria, which then dines on whatever dead organic matter is found in the mixture, such as leaves, twigs of trees, some food scraps, etc. Bio Clean works that way. It is composed of enzymes and bacteria that feast on the organic materials that are lodged in your drain, causing it to clog and smell.

The bacteria found in Bio Clean, however, are initially inert. While inside the dry jar, they are unresponsive to their surrounding environment. They stop being dormant once Bio Clean becomes a solution or it’s mixed with water. We suggest that you use warm water and let the mixture sit for a few hours before using it. This way, you are assured that the bacteria are so ready to dine on those waste materials.

Odor in the Garbage

The smell of rotten food, cardboard, and what have you inside the garbage can, can definitely cause extremely bad odors. But you can immediately control it by using Bio Clean. Even before the bacteria of these substances can react and emit the foul smell, they are already “digested” by those of Bio Clean.

Trapped Grease

If you’re in the habit of throwing away grease directly into the sink, then you should know that someday it’s going to cause a very bad smell as well as potentially damage the pipes. You can have it removed by calling an eligible plumber, but it’s hard work, and the grease still ends up in the landfill—it still becomes accumulating trash. To avoid it, you can pour a Bio-Clean solution into the drain to allow the bacteria to remove the grease naturally. In the process, there’s no need to throw anything or spend money on a plumber.

Waste Water

If the water starts to accumulate in the pits of your drainage, it wouldn’t take long before this area is going to reek a foul odor. It becomes worse when there are human wastes involved, and the pumps have to work harder. All these will be solved, though, by pouring Bio Clean straight to the pump systems.

Outside Toilets

The outside toilets are often left neglected, so even if they are not constantly used, over time, they would stink. The best solution is Bio Clean, since it can easily convert the wastes into either carbon dioxide or water. You don’t have to deal with flies anymore!

Motor Homes and Boats

Just when you think you can already get rid of the waste and odor once you empty the tank, you’re dead wrong. Some of them can stick into the wall and then accumulate over time. You will know it because the capacity of the tank starts to diminish, and it becomes less efficient. Ensure that your travel is safe, easy, and odor free by getting rid of the buildup once and for all with Bio Clean.


How much do I need to clean?

You actually don’t need a lot. In fact, you might need only a tablespoon or even a teaspoon of it. Keep in mind that every spoon already has millions of bacteria in it, and they easily reproduce in just a very short amount of time.

Can it get rid of a completely blocked pipe or drainage?

The answer is a yes and a no. It’s yes, as long as what’s stuck there is a biodegradable material or organic matter such as leaves, tree roots or branches, food wastes, etc., the Bio Clean can definitely work wonders. However, if we are talking about small toys and other objects made from synthetic material, you have to call a licensed plumber.

Can I see the results immediately?

The answer to this depends on the issue at hand. Sometimes it takes only a few days while others have to wait for a couple of weeks, especially if we are talking about a complete blockage in a very long pipe. You may need to treat the problem a couple of times as well.

Is there a need to flush the toilet right after I place the Bio Clean?

No. Rather, wait for about 8 hours before you do so. This is to truly give the bacteria and enzymes the time to attach themselves into the gunk, and the bacteria and enzymes remain after the next flush.

They say chemical cleaners are better.

Bio Clean is made up of live culture, which means they can walk around, move, and specifically target those waste materials. Even the best-branded chemical cleaners cannot do that. After you pour them in, they slowly go down, even to sections that are not supposed to be cleaned.

Will it clean the tree roots?

No, they don’t. The bacteria are only after anything that is dead. So to be specific, unless the tree roots are dead, they are not eaten away.

Can I rely on it in maintain the septic tank?

Of course, you can. You can actually let some natural-occurring bacteria do the job, but it’s going to take a lot of time, and usually some wastes such as paper are not that easy to manage by their digestive systems. The bacteria found in Bio Clean are specifically into these types of waste materials, so they could handle them much better.

What are some things that can potentially damage my septic system?

There are a lot, and these include your automatic dishwasher and wrong disposal of garbage. If you don’t get rid of the organic matter by using Bio Clean, they will only settle in the septic tank.

Will it get rid of hair?

Yes, it can, but you need to be patient, since based on our studies, Bio Clean takes the most time digesting hair.

How do you fare with the other bio cleaners out there?

We are so much better because Bio Clean lasts for a much longer time, and we are definitely organic. We don’t use any other chemical such as lye or surfactant, which is interestingly present in some so-called bio cleaning solutions.

Can I use it for my kitty litter?

Yes, you can. To make sure that cat poop doesn’t smell, you can spread some Bio Clean before you put in the new litter.

How long can I keep Bio Clean?

You can store it for many years as long as the storage area is free of direct sunlight and is in room temperature.

Is it good for the environment?

A resounding yes, both directly and indirectly. First, since it doesn’t use chemicals, you don’t dump any into the sewage system. Second, bacteria eating organic wastes is one of the most natural processes in the world, and it’s needed to achieve ecological balance. Third, because you can finally get rid of pollutants, you don’t contribute to the growing trash in the landfill.

What if I’m not happy with the outcome?

When you buy Bio Clean from us, you’re guaranteed with a 100 percent refund, provided you have followed the instructions to a T and you’ve given ample time for the solution to work.