Pipes are passageways for water from the source to different sections of your house, such as the kitchen and bathroom. Like any other path, they should be free from any material that may cause them to narrow and prevent water from reaching your home. In reality, however, a lot of things can pile up inside, including toilet waste, grease, leftover food, and even some of the unimaginable objects. To make matters worse, since these objects also get stuck, they rot and smell. The foul odor may then reach your home as well as contaminate the water.

How to Fix U-bend Traps

A U-bend is commonly found in areas where pipes are also found. These include the washbasins and bathroom and kitchen sinks. They are found in between the pipe and the plug hole. The main point of the U-bend is to make sure that no nasty smell ever finds its way into your home. They also filter objects that may go directly into the waste pipes from the bottom of the gap.

However, if left unfixed, the wastes can simply accumulate into the U-bend until it can no longer carry them, and the wasted materials still end up in the pipe. To prevent this from happening, you can make U-bend cleaning a regular activity. Simply place a bucket underneath the U-bend. It should be slightly larger than the bend itself. With the use of a wrench, open up the screws that hold the bend and allow all the trapped wastes to fall straight toward the bucket.

Do not immediately replace the bend. Instead, take the time to check the pipe and clean it as well. Once everything is already great looking, you can then re-screw the retaining caps.

Bottle Tap Cleaning

When you need to clean the bottle tap, all you need is a wrench. Look for the cap, remove it with the use of a wrench, and start cleaning. Because it’s accessible, it’s much easier to deal with than a U-bend.

Waste Pipe Cleaning

What happens if the pipe still remains blocked after cleaning the bottle tap and the U-bend? There’s a good chance that the problem now lies way into the pipes. Normally, you can use a chemical drainer, which loosens the wastes that may have stuck themselves on the walls of the pipes. Nevertheless, since they are chemicals, they can have some side effects later. Always follow the label instructions for safety and effectiveness.