• Emergency Plumbing

    24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Service Sydney

    Got an emergency plumbing situation? Need a plumber fast?

    Call The Plumber now on 1800 659 454 for 24 hour emergency service. No job is too large or too small.

    Sydney's emergency plumbing services by Call The Plumber

    24 HOUR EMERGENCY PLUMBER SERVICE 7 DAYS A WEEK – tending to your calls and dispatching plumbing professionals ON TIME, EVERY TIME.

    Ever tried to call a 24 hour emergency plumber in the middle of the night when you have toilet paper and raw sewerage overflowing in your prized bathroom or a burst hot water system that’s flooding your kitchen, causing severe water damage or that burst flexible connection in your bathroom vanity that just exploded and water is dripping out of every light glob in your ceiling. You rush to the yellow pages, frantically search the plumbing industry section to find a 24 Hr Sydney plumber, you call 1....2....3....plumbing companies and none of them answer!

    Sound familiar?

    Desperately you try the 4th 1800 659 454 ..... it rings...... someone answers “ Hello Call The Plumber emergency services” you sigh in relief.

    When you need a emergency plumber Sydney fast, Just one call, 24 hours a day and were on our way! At Call The Plumber we GUARANTEE to respond to your plumbing emergency needs NOW! Call The Plumber Sydney, the 24 hour emergency plumbing specialist. Call The Plumber are industry leaders in emergency plumbing service, catering for the residential and commercial plumbing markets in the greater Sydney area, providing “ On Time, Every Time” plumbing services “When YOU Need It”.

    Our service professionals are trained to the highest of industry standards and are on call for your peace of mind 24 hours a day. So if you have a burst pipe, no hot water or tree roots in the sewer and you need a licence plumber fast to fix your plumbing problems NOW with all the right plumbing tools, plumbing fittings and plumbing products, on hand to deal with your emergency plumbing repairs, on the spot without having to go back and forth to the plumbing supplies, then look no further. A local plumber ready to fix that burst kitchen mixer tap or that overflowing toilet/ blocked drain or any other emergency household plumbing repair.

    We carry just about all plumbing fittings needed, from bathroom accessories, plumbing pipes, and even spare bathroom tiles. Our registered plumbers are fully stocked ready to go at a moment’s notice and in the unlikely event that we don’t have the necessary plumber supplies, we have secured 24 hour access to several plumbing stores including Reece plumbing, Trade Link, Plumbers Supplies and Hardware and General so we can complete almost any plumbing job on the spot. You can rely on Call The Plumber’s GUARANTEED Sydney emergency plumbers to provide you with fast reliable and clean service, “On Time, Every Time” For immediate response call our HOT LINE NOW! On 1800 659 454 And experience “The Call The Plumber Difference Today”.

    "I woke up at 3 am in the morning to water gushing through the ceiling and flooding my kitchen. I rang 4 plumbers and Call The Plumber were the only ones to answer the phone. I couldn’t believe how fast Sam arrived, he was here in 5 minutes – he even beat the fire brigade!  He sorted everything out for me, including calling the water board and phoning me in the morning to see how everything was.

    "I just couldn’t thank you enough for the amazing service, it is just so rare to get such good service these days. Thank you so much Call The Plumber Sydney!"  Danielle Lindsey, Mother of 2, Newport.

    Call The Plumber offer plumbing repairs for all areas of Sydney including:

    • Bathroom renovations and repairs including leaking taps and showers, vanity install and maintenance.
    • Plumbing work for Blocked drains sewer & stormwater work.
    • High pressure water jetting
    • Video Sewer Inspection and Electronic Location
    • Water Heater service and replacement
    • Water Purification Systems
    • Burst Pipes and water leaks
    • Rainwater Tanks
    • Gas Piping and Repairs
    • Water & Drain Piping
    • Water Filters and kitchen insinkerators, all kitchen plumbing work
    • Garbage Disposals 
    • Plumbing Inspections and FREE Plumbing reports
    • Backflow Prevention
    • All Residential, Commercial & Industrial Maintenance Work
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