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    Rainwater Tanks, Water tanks and Rainwater Tank Installation Sydney

    With drought conditions across Australia and water restrictions getting tighter each year, it makes sense to install a rainwater tank in your Sydney home to take advantage of mother nature's precious resources.

    Rainwater run-off from your roof can be stored in a rainwater tank and can provide a valuable source of water for flushing toilets, washing machines, watering gardens and washing cars. Don’t pour your money down the drain! Install a water tank in Sydney today!! Help to save Sydney’s most precious resource, Call us about a rainwater system installation today!!!

    Sydney Water has introduced generous water tank rebates of up to $1500 if you connect and install your water tank to toilets and washing machines but you must have your rainwater storage tank installed by a qualified Sydney Plumber and Call The Plumber Sydney are experts in installing rainwater tanks to your internal plumbing system.

    At Call The Plumber we take advantage our years of experience in water tank installation and water conservation and pass on the knowledge to you! We guarantee to provide you with a quality rainwater tank installation service, quality rainwater advice and quality rainwater harvesting products. This makes it easy to choose the right water tank and pump installation for your rainwater collection needs. Our rain water tanks are manufactured in Australia by the leading polyethylene rainwater tank manufacturers on the market.

    We hope you enjoy visiting our web site and the Call The Plumber experience. If you have any questions on rainwater collection, comments, feedback or just need some advice on your rainwater harvesting requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us on 1800 659 454

    “We give the customer what they want, great rainwater advice, fast delivery and quality water tanks and pumps at fantastic prices!"

    Call The Plumber provides you with REAL alternative’s and Sustainable solutions to the current water crisis that will not only meet your rainwater storage requirements but will drastically REDUCE Your Water Bills, save water and save your precious garden … PLUS WE GUARANTEE you’ll save time, money and stress by using our Unique Online Rainwater Tank Service to purchase your next Water Tank!

    Call The Plumber supplies a large range of rainwater tanks in many popular shapes, sizes, colours and brands. Call The Plumber supply water tanks by National Poly Industries, Tankmasta, Rainhaven, SUPATANK, Precision Poly, Poly Water Tanks and Eco Sac.

    We also Supply a range of rain water pumps from Davey and Bianco, as well as a full range of rain water tank accessories including first flush diverters, Water level Gauges from Pacific Gauges and rainwater filters and mains water top up valves by Guyco.

    Rain water tanks are becoming more and more significant as water storage for washing cars, irrigating gardens, flushing toilets and washing clothes and as water collection for fire fighting requirements.

    In many areas the Government has implemented the rainwater tank rebate, please check with your local water authority for water tank rebates that may apply to you. You can get up to $1500.00 for purchasing a water tank and installing your rainwater tank connected to your toilet and washing machine. Call The Plumber offers many different shapes and sizes of slimline water tanks, round water tanks or just about any tank you require including rainwater tank pumps.

    We also supply a large range of underground rainwater tanks, bladder rainwater tanks and grey water tanks. Our premium range of poly water tanks are made from food grade, UV stabilized polyethylene. All our rainwater collection tanks are available in many colours to blend in with your home and the environment.

    So if you’re someone who has an eye to the future and wants to look after the environment and save money… as well as have adequate water for your needs without being penalized by strict water restrictions, it’s just pure common sense to have a water tank installed by Call The Plumber and have your own water supply on tap to use whenever you want.

    Call The Plumber Now on 1800 659 454 For Your Rainwater Tank Installation Sydney wide.

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