Electric Warm Water Heater: Overview

Constant supply of hot water is important to our day-to-day existence. Warm water is basically used for domestic cooking, bathing, cleaning and other household activities. These uses prove precisely how helpful warm water could be. Therefore, it is vital to have a reliable source of hot water within our households or commercial establishments.

Water heating is a thermodynamic process that involves the use of a power source to warm water beyond its normal temperature. For several years, latest technology has been designed to improve water heating systems. Electric warm water heater systems are widely used water heating devices in majority of today’s households. Generally, tank-type electric warm water heater models have two thermostats situated to the bottom and top from the tank.

Electric Warm Water Heater: Compared to Gas Heaters

Electric warm water heater models offer a lot of advantages compared to conventional fuel-fired water heating systems. These water heating products are usually safer than fuel-fired hot water heaters which pose considerable risks using their combustible vapours. Surely nobody wants to become in danger of accidental flame ignition or inhalation of potentially toxic gases. Electric warm water heaters offer lower standby warm loss due to enhanced insulation.

However, electric warm water heater models require greater operation costs than conventional heating units. But despite this, its numerous advantages could easily over-shadow any operation cost variations.

Electric Warm Water Heater: Kinds

There are 2 kinds of electric warm water heater systems, the older of those two would be the tank-type models. This technique utilizes a tank that is normally made of steel with built-in insulation mechanism which ideally keeps the hot temperature in a constant. This kind also provides less expense compared to the second type.

Another type of electric water heater is the tankless model. This generally is a new technology which utilizes heating coils. These coils are utilized to warm flowing water, which means it only heats the water when needed.