Blocked Sewers

One of the most worrisome things in the home is a blocked sewer. There are plenty of reasons why this happens: it collects debris and leaves after a storm, so-called specialists installed the pipes incorrectly, or something broke the pipe. The good news is help is never a problem.

Tell Me, What’s the Real Situation?

Since the sewer is located outside the house, it’s exposed to a variety of elements like fallen leaves, dirt, and other debris. They can come from different directions and accumulate over time. But when there’s a storm, the problem exacerbates. You see, the strong winds and the heavy rain can carry more loads of dirt and debris that you can ever imagine. Once they’ve passed over, the unwanted objects start to settle to the ground and stay—where else?—but right in the sewer.

An effective way to solve any problem with a drain sewer is to install a drain camera, which helps you determine if a pipe is already having issues before they start to get worse. If a tree has found its way in the sewer, the right specialist can get rid of it via blasting high-pressure water.

Tell It to the Government

If the sewer issue aggravates, another step to take is let the government, especially the wastewater department, take care of it. After all, it’s possible that the culprit has something to do with the main line, which is the chief responsibility of your local government. But once this is already cleared, the remaining solution relies solely in you. If it happens that grease has penetrated into the pipes, this can be solved by using some drain rods

Call on the Experts

Indeed, a sewage problem can be quite complex, especially if you belong to a community (perhaps you’re living in an apartment or a condominium). Fortunately, you can leave all the trouble to the experts. They aren’t only licensed, but they’re trained to do the job with great ease and speed.

Avoid the nasty smell, flooded roads and home, and other hassles by fixing your blocked sewer and trusting an expert.