At some point you’re going to need to replace or upgrade your hot water heater. By that time, you will already be happy of the myriad of choices that are waiting. One of these is the tankless gas hot water heater, which actually took a long time to get into the market. In fact, we have to wait for around 50 years before manufacturers are able to offer them in a more affordable retail price.

There are plenty of reasons to go tankless with regard to your gas hot water heater. First, you’re able to save a lot of space since there’s no tank to consider. Second, you have water on demand. In other words, hot water is created only when you need it. There’s no more water storing, which only causes inefficiency when it comes to the use of the energy. Of course, you can have hot water anytime you want.

How to Choose

Tankless gas hot water heaters, however, are available in different types. They vary in terms of sizes, amount of water heated, duration of the heating process, etc. Because the goal is to make the right investment, it’s best to know how to find the one that definitely suits your needs and home.

1. Know the hot water needs. How many are you in the household? How many faucets do you have? These, among other things, will help you determine the size of the tankless gas hot water systems as well as the rest of the criteria you’re going to read later. Remember, too, that faucets don’t have the same water output or need. Tubs would definitely require a lot of water but only in certain times. Further, if you’re using a shower accessory that helps save water, the desired water need is also decreased.

2. Determine how fast the water heats up. As mentioned, tankless gas hot water heaters do not store water. They only generate heated water when you need it. For others, however, this may pose a problem since they definitely have to wait for the water to heat up before they can use it such as in taking a bath. Thus, it’s essential you know how soon your tankless water heater selection produces hot water. You also need to factor in the outside temperature. Sometimes their temperature fluctuates according to how hot or cold the weather is.

3. Decide on the brand. You can always go for the cheaper brands for your tankless gas water heaters. Besides, this kind of heating system is much cheaper than its electric version. Nevertheless, if you want the best value for your money, opt for heaters that are of high-quality brand since they have better warranty and are more durable.

It’s true. Tankless gas hot water heaters have their own flaws. That’s why they’re not meant for everyone. However, those who have already bought and used them can also say that their advantages beat the downsides in not time.