Got a blocked drain? Yes, we know, it’s such a pain. And if you don’t pay attention to it, it will only get worse. Before you know it, you’re flooding the streets and your house smells extremely nasty.

But we at Call the Plumber Sydney just has the best solution for you, and it doesn’t involve any complicated equipment or complex procedure. Continue reading, and you’ll get what we mean.

The Product

Call the Plumber Sydney is currently one of the sellers for Sanafoam Vaporooter, the most effective solution to blocked drains and sewers caused by trees.

Why would trees grow on the drain and sewers? The sewage system goes all the way outside the house. Of course, you can’t keep it inside because it sometimes lets out a very awful smell. However, because it is exposed outside, it’s possible for a lot of things to find its way into the drain and sewer. These include the trees. Since the sewer also has some water, which is one of the sources of nutrients of plants, it’s easy even for a seed or a plant with roots to grow conveniently on top of it.

Over time, the roots go into the drain, blocking the passageway and causing the water and the dirt to stay stagnant inside. If the pressure is already too high, the pipes may eventually burst, causing more issues for you.

The most immediate solution is to call an expert to cut or prune the tree, or even uprooting the entire plant from the sewage system. But that doesn’t guarantee that the issue won’t repeat in the next few days or months. To make matters worse, constant pruning will eventually cause the plant to develop thicker roots, so they become a lot harder to remove.

You have to get to the root (no pun intended) of the problem: prevent tree roots from ever going again.

Sanafoam Vaporooter II can do that through an excellent formulation of herbicides. These government-approved chemicals will kill all tree roots and thus prevent them from developing further. However, it works only on those roots that have found their way into the pipe, so the rest of the trees and plants above the ground are left unharmed.

How to Use It

Vaporooter can be used after a water jet or an electric eel has already been used to get rid of the roots. You may also want to let the trees develop those roots so you can truly get to the source. The waiting time may take around a month or two. After that, you need a yearly maintenance.

Sanafoam Vaporooter II saves you the embarrassment of having sewage problem why you’re having a party with friends and family. It also prevents costlier solutions.

Here’s Our Guarantee

We are proud to say that we always do our things right. But if you’re unhappy because the problem comes back within a year of using our product, just call us. We’ll determine the problem and if we find out it’s caused by the same old roots, we’ll have the area retreated without additional cost at your end—yes, for free!